It Takes a Village


That saying that it taking a village to raise a child is so true. I am eternally grateful to my village. A big shout out to the old friends and new friends who have been by my side through the late nights, doctors visits, hospital trips, returning to work and dealing with all the new challenges that come with being a mother. I am so grateful for those Whatsapps at 3am when my mom friends were also all awake for a feed. For pediatrician and nurse recommendations. For not having had to cook a single meal in the first month of my child’s life. I am grateful for the people who came and helped clean my house when I was still recovering from my cesarian and adjusting to motherhood while at the same time having visitors flow through the front door more steadily than ever before. I am thankful for the people that picked up my workload and enabled me to have my precious maternity leave. Over and over I have been blessed with acts of kindness from the people around me. Friends are a real lifeline.

When I was pregnant there were moments where the reality of becoming a mom was overwhelmingly scary. What if I was not good mom material? There were also scary moments in the pregnancy when things went wrong and wow I have never felt more scared and alone. Don’t get me wrong- I had friends and family then who would have been by my side in an instant if I had let them. But I didn’t. Somehow the completely overwhelming task of being a parent has forced me to allow people into my life and to help me in moments where I would have been too proud before.

I suppose what I am saying is – allow people into your life and accept help dammit! Don’t be stubborn like me and only accept help when you have no other choice. No matter who you are, lean a little on those around you from time to time. You will be surprised how rich your life can become when you allow those around you to become  a close part of your life.

Who are the people that make up your village? Don’t forget to thanks them!

*Yes, I did loose friends along the way. Read about that here, but I made some pretty awesome ones too!


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