6 Things to do when you find out that you are pregnant

I remember when we found out we were pregnant, it was such a joyful experience but also one filled with, “What now?” We found out at 5am in the morning just before I was about to board a flight to Johannesburg for a week. We were so excited and shocked (even though baba was planned) and then we had to be apart for the whole week while we processed the news. We had been trying for a few months though so I very much had a plan of action for what to do should that little plus sign appear on the pregnancy test. This list is based on my plan of action: 

  1. Call your gynecologist and let them know. They will normally send you for blood tests, book your first appointment and give you some advice over the phone.
  2. Find out what you can and can’t eat. There are loads of lists out there, some more comprehensive than others. It is really up to you to decide how cautious you want to be. I do recommend chatting to your doctor about your choices though as they will be able to guide you as to how big of a risk it can be to eat certain things.
  3. Stop changing your cat’s litter tray or at the very least do so with special gloves. Google it, it’s a thing and you can pick up harmful stuff that causes hectic birth defects in your unborn child.
  4. Decide when you want to tell the various people in your life. It can be a complex decision that needs some thought so make up your mind first before telling anyone. I won’t go into detail about this because this topic deserves a whole blog post on its own.
  5.  Stop doing any potentially harmful activities that might put you or your child in danger. Google it, chat to your doctor about it and then decide what’s too risky.
  6. Eat healthily and take your vitamins and minerals. Most importantly folic acid. I would actually go so far as to recommend, that any sexually active female make sure that she is getting enough folic acid, as this is very important for the neurological development of your child even before you even realise you are pregnant.

Any steps that you feel that I have left out? What did you do when you found out that you were pregnant?


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