5 Things I am Loving

Here’s a list of 5 things that are bringing me joy at the moment:

  1. Swimming Classes: A definite highlight of my and my little boy’s week is his swimming class. I can highly recommend Simply Swimming. I was extremely skeptical as to what they could teach a kid aged 0-2 years of age and am beyond impressed. MJ loves our instructor and responds really well to her fun yet gentle approach to teaching him. http://www.simplyswimming.co.za/
  2. Winter Sales: I have spotted some fabulous deals at Woolworths and some cute baby clothes on Spree.
  3. Mid- Year Christmas. We had friends over for our annual Christmas in July. I love hosting this every year. When MJ was really little I decided I would give up baking and any overly fancy cooking until he is older but this was a fun excuse to get back in the kitchen.
  4. Swimming at Virgin Active. MJ loves swimming so for I think it was something like R50 once off we got him his own Virgin Active card so that we can go swimming as a family even during Winter. A fun healthy, active activity that normally makes nap time easier as well. 🙂
  5. Right Now Media. Our church subscribes to an online video resource called Right Now Media which has a wealth of videos – mostly courses and studies. We use this alot for our small group studies but lately I also use it almost daily for whatever I am needing some guidance on. It has been a huge blessing in the last few weeks and I plan to make it a more regular part of my life.


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