Changes I’m Making in 2017

I love lists. They make me feel calm, determined and happy. If ever I feel overwhelmed just ask me to make a list. Surely I am not the only one? Okay, maybe I am a little crazy. Anyway, here is my list of things that I plan to do differently next year:

  • Plan my grocery shopping – My husband and I often pop to the store and only buy exactly what we need in that second and nothing more. The problem with that is then we don’t buy half the things we need and end up either dashing to the shop at an inconvenient time to go back and buy it or make a plan b without the necessary items and end up spending more money. From now on when I am in the shops I will buy what we need. Time is money. Also I truly believe that the less we go to the shops the less we’ll spend as we’ll be removing the temptation to make impulse purchases.
  • Cook in bulk – This is a no brainer. It saves money and time. No more wasting money on take outs that cost a fortune and that seldom taste as good as home cooked meals anyway.
  • Setting stricter chores and family rules – I’m determined to raise clean, neat, gentlemen who tidy up after themselves. Also it’s no secret that mess and dirt have a massively negative impact on my emotional wellbeing so we will be instating stricter rules about cleaning up after each of ourselves. We will be cleaning up as we go and not waiting for it to look like a crime scene.
  • Schedule our time – We will set up a big ass family calendar where all important dates get written down so that we can plan around each other’s time. Also we will have a set time each day where we put away our phones and focus on each other. Part of this would include scheduling time to spend together just us four.
  • Learn to say no – I am a serial ‘yes’ person. If there is one life lesson I learnt in 2016 it was the value of learning to say ‘no’ and to start enforcing boundaries. This is going to be something we as a family learn to do more of going into 2017. Hopefully by planning our lives better we will also prioritize what is important to us.
  • Prioritize friends more – Mom guilt is real but the more I look at my parents and their lives the more I realize just how important friends are. They have a wonderful network of friends. As their child it is fabulous knowing that firstly, my parents have a support structure beyond just us kids and secondly, that my parents have full lives and are not reliant on us for entertainment and company. There’s no guilting us into seeing them because they also need to find the time to fit us into their schedules. Knowing my parents have full lives, rich with friendships is as much a blessing to me their child as it is to them. So a little less mommy guilt about the odd coffee date sans kids because looking after our friends is also important.
  • Priotize couple time more – This is a difficult one because I am not one of those moms who’ll happily hand over her child to a babysit or even relative. Especially not a newborn. That does not mean that we can’t prioritize dates at home once the kids have gone to sleep. Pizza, popcorn and movies and picnics in the garden are just as fun sometimes. One day these cuties will grow up and not need us old people looking after them anymore (sob) and then we’ll go back to being just us two in the nest. So it’s probably a good idea to not neglect the person who was crazy enough to marry me. J

Here is to hoping that these changes will help keep some sanity in our lives as we go from 3 to 4!

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