My Dear Boy Started School 

My dear little boy,

It’s been a week since you started school. I was so worried that you would be too young. Daddy and I talked to you a lot about school leading up to the big first day. We were worried that you would be scared, confused or lonely. We were worried that you would not understand why we left you alone with strangers in a new scary place.

You were maybe a bit cross about being rushed through a morning routine, that normally spans a few hours and normally has way more fun activities involved, but there were no tears upon arrival. You were definitely concerned about the strangeness of it all but, WOW, so many exciting things to see and do. You immediately showed me the cute play house at the corner of the play ground. We handed you to your teacher, said you could definitely play in the play house if you’d like and said goodbye. Then we turned to leave and I rushed out before you could see the tears dripping from my face. I ugly cried all the way home.

It’s now Friday and your first school week is almost over. You have not shed a single tear and have come home with so much to tell me. I don’t know what you are saying but I assume it is about your adventures that day. Watching you wave goodbye as you stepped out the house with dad this morning and seeing you carefully put your backpack down in the space below your carseat and then reach up for dad to put you into your car seat, I was overwhelmed with how grown up you have become. As your little hand waved goodbye again from in the car I felt the tears rush up again.

Never has the saying been more true:

The days are long but the years are short.

I love you my angel and I fear the day that you will no longer need me. It’s such a strange feeling being so simultaneously proud of you and how much you have grown, while being so desperately sad that the time is flying by.


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