My first birth experience

Warning this post is long and a bit graphic…


Part of the reason that I have been posting less on my blog lately is because my pregnancy has brought up a lot of unresolved memories from my first pregnancy and birth. I have been struggling to bring myself to write this specific post because I have not yet come to terms with what happened. Also my approaching birth of baby  number two has given the trauma a new lease on life. I can’t push it to the back of my mind.

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The time we thought we had miscarried

I don’t know why I am writing this. Maybe because it has been on my mind a lot lately. It happened 2 years ago. 29 October 2014 to be exact. I have never shared this story in as much detail before. I suppose maybe because it’s a side of pregnancy that I never expected or gave much thought to before I fell pregnant. That the symptoms are not the difficult part of pregnancy, and if they are then you are lucky. There are other scary things like miscarriage, birth defects, what they call high risk pregnancies, premature labour and so on.  These types of issues are not really something people often discuss.

Don’t read on if you can’t handle graphic information.

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I’m Okay – Appropriate Alternative Ways to Respond to an Apology

I have this awesome friend who gives each parenting decision such thought and she recently ask me what I would be teaching my child is the appropriate way to accept an apology. Honestly I had not given it much thought yet despite the numerous playdate situates where one kid does something they shouldn’t and the mother tells the child to apologise. I had automatically always said, “It’s okay” as I imagine most people would. But this is definately not what I want to teach my child. Continue reading “I’m Okay – Appropriate Alternative Ways to Respond to an Apology”

July 2016 – My Life

You’ll notice that I disappeared for a while. Life got busy and I felt that I wanted to change the tone of this blog slightly. I want it to stay blatantly honest but I also feel that it was becoming a bit Debby-Downer. So going forward I will try focus on publishing more positive/encouraging content although I can’t promise that I will be packing away my soapbox. Surely, healthy debate is positive in its own way? Continue reading “July 2016 – My Life”

Time Saver: Umatie

I am not a chef but before having children I used to love baking and throwing tea parties and dinner parties but I just do not have the time anymore. Our general strategy is to live off of as many marked down prepared meals from Pick n Pay as possible and when there aren’t any available in store or in the deep freeze we split the cooking duties. Not the most wholesome strategy I know, but it  is a survival tactic at this point. I do however stress that my little one needs to eat healthily even on the nights when we don’t and this is where Umatie comes to the rescue.  Continue reading “Time Saver: Umatie”

Boys Will Be Boys – What does that even mean?

I am part of a number of mommy groups online and can I tell you what shocks me the most? The sheer number of posts about father’s behaving badly and women asking advice about how to deal with them. The issues range from cheating, porn and strippers to men who do not stick up for their wifes. Absent fathers. Father’s who do not help out around the house or share child rearing responsibilities. And do you know how often fellow moms use the response, “Boys will be boys”? Too often!!!

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