Changes I’m Making in 2017

I love lists. They make me feel calm, determined and happy. If ever I feel overwhelmed just ask me to make a list. Surely I am not the only one? Okay, maybe I am a little crazy. Anyway, here is my list of things that I plan to do differently next year: Continue reading “Changes I’m Making in 2017”

It Takes a Village


That saying that it taking a village to raise a child is so true. I am eternally grateful to my village. A big shout out to the old friends and new friends who have been by my side through the late nights, doctors visits, hospital trips, returning to work and dealing with all the new challenges that come with being a mother. I am so grateful for those Whatsapps at 3am when my mom friends were also all awake for a feed. For pediatrician and nurse recommendations. For not having had to cook a single meal in the first month of my child’s life. I am grateful for the people who came and helped clean my house when I was still recovering from my cesarian and adjusting to motherhood while at the same time having visitors flow through the front door more steadily than ever before. I am thankful for the people that picked up my workload and enabled me to have my precious maternity leave. Over and over I have been blessed with acts of kindness from the people around me. Friends are a real lifeline. Continue reading “It Takes a Village”

Mother’s Day Wish List

Being a mom can be hard work and I totally feel like Mother’s Day is a justified time to get spoilt. Here are some tips for a great Mother’s Day – Love, I hope that you are reading this!  Continue reading “Mother’s Day Wish List”

A Pep Talk



Some days are harder than others. For a great number of reasons. Today is hard because there is enough work to completely overwhelm me on a normal day never mind after a night with a sick toddler. Today I feel scared that there is so much to do that I will not be able to do it all at the level of perfection I hold myself to. So I gave myself a little pep talk for the day. The gist of it is that I need to live my life as a role model for my child. I need to live out the lessons I want him to learn.

Continue reading “A Pep Talk”

Working Mom Q & A: Laura-Kim le Roux


When conceptualizing this website something I was most excited about was the idea of interviewing working mothers and sharing their stories with other moms particularly because I knew so few working mothers myself.

Here is my first ever Working Mom SA Q & A with Laura-Kim le Roux. Laura-Kim is a Social Media Consultant, Freelance Writer and Blogger who has four children: Cameron 13, Kiara 11, Jack 4 and Emma 2. Continue reading “Working Mom Q & A: Laura-Kim le Roux”

5 Tips for Staying Motivated as a Working Mom



I wrote this for someone else when they were having a bad day. So it is rather ra ra. Take it for what it is –  a pep talk for when life gets tough.

  1. Schedule quality time with your children. I once heard of a mom who had regular ‘dates’ with her children. This entailed setting aside quality one-on-one time with each child doing fun activities on a regular basis. Never underestimate the value of quality time over sheer quantity of time together.

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